About us


Established in 2001, Herbaderm Natural Products is rooted in a family owned business, based in Israel, that developed and produced original botanical personal care products since the 1970s. The initial formulas are based on extracts derived from plants used for thousands of years by indigenous people to treat various health ailments. Dr. Jacob Rabinowitz, a.k.a. Dr. Rab, a chemist who was inspired by the overwhelming evidence of the benefits of plants native to Israel and the Mediterranean basin, pioneered the company’s first line of hair health care products. These products are still sold in Israel today in select pharmacy chains and high end beauty shops.  Dr. Rab passed away at the age of 98 but his legacy lives on in the Nature Nut product line.


Herbaderm Natural Products has been exporting to Russia and countries in Europe since 2005. The company is now expanding to other markets including North America and Asia.


Corporate Responsibility 

Herbaderm Natural Products manufactures all of its products in CGMP facilities in compliance with Israel's Ministry of Health regulations. The company adheres strictly to Israeli law prohibiting animal testing on any ingredients used for cosmetics and personal care products.  Herbaderm Natural Products is committed to environmental sustainability and uses recycled or recyclable materials in its packaging.


Customer Promise 

  1. Produce under the most stringent international quality standards.
  2. Source only the highest quality ingredients.
  3. Treat our customers as partners in our success.