Golden jojoba

100% Natural, organic, with a unique pump bottle.
Golden Jojoba oil moisturizes and nourishes all skin types, has soothing properties and retains the suppleness and freshness of face and body skin. Golden Jojoba oil contains vitamins, including vitamin E, which is an essential antioxidant that helps to protect the skin from oxidation processes and climatic damage, thus helping prevent wrinkles and delaying the aging of the skin.


Who is it recommended for?
Moisturizing all skin types, particularly gentle skin in the neck and eye areas. For nourishing dry skin. Can be used as a natural serum under moisturizing lotion for improving its activity. Helps to prevent wrinkles and inhibiting skin aging . Caring for dry hair and dry, irritated scalp. For pregnant women before and after birth for relieving stretch marks. Suitable for damaged skin, acne and spots, as it does not block skin pores and does not leave an oily sensation.

Golden jojoba oil has unique properties that do not exist in other vegetable oils. Its unique molecular chemical composition, similar to that of naturally occurring sebum, allows the oil to penetrate skin pores, thus moisturizing all the different skin levels. Golden jojoba oil does not block the skin’s pores and absorbs perfectly, making it suitable for use for caring for healthy skin and for treating damaged skin. Jojoba bushes grow in a semi-arid climate. Their main plantations are in Mexico, Arizona, California and Israel. Golden jojoba oil is extracted from seeds that are in a nut-like fruit that grows on female jojoba bushes (whose height can reach up to 3 meters), which grow in the Negev area in Israel. Jojoba seeds contain golden liquid wax, which is the plant’s main fat pool. This wax constitutes about 50% of the seed’s weight. Golden jojoba oil is extracted using the cold press method, a natural method that is also used for extracting olive oil without using chemicals or synthetic solvents.  

100% Pure organic Jojoba oil, produced by cold pressing without the use of chemicals or synthetic solvents. Does not contain preservatives, colorings or scents.